Patient Satisfaction Verified at 99.99%

EOS + GSB’s commitment to quality assurance promotes patient satisfaction and successful performance. Our Quality Assurance auditors and trainers play a critical role in our success by calling for a high standard of performance from every employee. As part of the Professional Practice Management System (PPMS) certification process, EOS + GSB has a fully integrated, documented, and tested quality assurance program. Work standards and checklists were developed for all Specialists. Telephone calls are measured on customer service, communication, active listening, client policies, system documentation, procedures, and compliance. To support our quality assurance process, EOS + GSB was among one of the first in the industry to deploy Speech Analytics, which measures patient satisfaction and enhances regulatory compliance and operational efficiency.
EOS + GSB safeguards our Specialists with full-time quality assurance auditors who monitor and audit patient contacts to ensure compliance and greater patient satisfaction.