Giving patients the support they deserve by treating them like we want to be treated.

We look for people who are:


We believe the people on the other end of the line are good people who deserve our respect and patience.


We believe listening with an empathetic ear will build trust and resolve accounts faster.


We believe being curious helps us find unique solutions.


About EOS

Since 1990, EOS has been a leader in Extended Business Office services for healthcare organizations nationwide. Our ability to understand the needs of the patient enables us to enhance their financial well-being, and yours.

Clients depend on us to help their customers resolve their accounts in a patient-friendly way. For some accounts this could result in negotiating payment arrangements or helping a patient with financial assistance or understanding their insurance.

Reasons to Work at EOS


Just as we respect our patients, we respect you by offering competitive, comprehensive, and unique benefits.


Your life and career aren’t separate. The work we do is important, but we also know the value of a fun and engaging work environment.

We’re Different

We are a big family on a mission to help people.

All of Our Team Members:

Listen Closely

By asking questions and listening closely, we learn about our patients’ specific situations.

Stay Consistent

We pride ourselves in training our team to give every patient excellent customer service.

Tell the Truth

We firmly believe that honesty is the foundation of building strong, trustful relationships with our patients and customers.

Thoughts From Our Team

We’re on a mission to help people.

Navigating through insurance issues, deductibles and healthcare bills can sometimes cause good people to get caught in a difficult financial situation and need our help. We’re on a mission to help them move forward with their lives. If you’re respectful, empathetic and curious, we want you on our team.