Engagement is Our Key to Patient Satisfaction and Account Resolution

As deductibles continue to rise, patient liability accounts are a priority, and patient satisfaction is paramount.

Our Specialists help patients understand their financial obligation and options before their account becomes past due.

EOS is well known and highly regarded for its Customer Service – Patient Liability programs. Our programs not only increase cash recoveries, they ensure patient satisfaction. Reflected in our patient satisfaction rate of 99.99% our Specialists are experts in listening and providing options to patients to assist them with their unexpected expense.

Dedicated Team

As with every client we represent, you will have your own dedicated team of Specialists. This approach ensures continuity of your Mission, philosophy, and policies. We believe a dedicated team is one of the many critical factors to a successful program.

We Maximize Recovery and Patient Satisfaction

EOS places most of our recovery efforts in contacting the patient by telephone versus relying on monthly statements. Our “quality contact” approach provides our clients with the greatest recoveries and ensures the highest level of patient satisfaction possible.

Patient Friendly Communication and 24/7 Payment Options

EOS continually modernizes to meet the needs of contemporary consumers using technology custom-tuned to their preferences across voice and non-voice communication channels:

  • Web/Online Portals
  • Text/SMS
  • eStatements/Email Statements
  • Traditional Paper Statements

These types of 24/7 secure communication service options allow patients to view their statements online or via smartphone and make secure payments outside of regular office hours.