GSB Assures All Clients That Every Patient will be Treated with the Dignity and Respect They Deserve.

Since 1947, GSB has been a leader in healthcare bad debt recovery services. Our ability to understand the needs of our clients and their patients enables us to enhance their financial well-being, and yours.

Through a caring and consultative approach to helping patients address their financial obligations, GSB achieves superior results in recovery and service. Our highly trained Specialists are customer service representatives who are great communicators. They are empathetic and they listen and offer patients advice on how they can pay their accounts.

Our ability to understand the needs of your patients enables us to enhance their financial well-being, and yours.
Our Recovery Philosophy is:
  • We believe everyone should pay or explain why they cannot.
  • Our goal is to obtain payment in full while actively listening to and helping patients resolve their accounts.
  • We do not knowingly collect from the poor or indigent.
  • Quality contacts maximize recoveries.
  • We emphasize to our Specialists that they represent our clients; whose reputation is more important than collecting on the account.
Enhancing the Financial Well-Being of Others®
Our mission and core values along with our philosophy, processes, and technology make GSB a great fit for you and your organization.
Patient Friendly Communication and 24/7 Payment Options
GSB continually modernizes to meet the needs of contemporary consumers using technology custom-tuned to their preferences across voice and non-voice communication channels:
  • Web/Online Portals
  • Text/SMS
  • eStatement/Email Statements
  • Traditional Paper Statements
These types of 24/7 secure communication servicing options enable a patient to view their statements online or via smartphone and make secure payments beyond regular office hours.
Partnering with GSB, you will receive tangible value by:
  • An Award-winning Company Exclusively Dedicated to the Healthcare Industry
  • 99.99% Patient Satisfaction
  • Quality Assurance
  • Speech Analytics – Every Telephone Call Is Measured
  • Multi-Channel Communication and Payment Options
  • An Organization Committed to Compliance
  • Direct Access to Senior Leadership
  • Meaningful Performance Reports