Valuable Scoring Information Provided at No Charge

Presumptive charity scoring, which is a numerical representation of a patient’s income compared to the current Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG) and ability to pay, has been in use for several years and is rapidly becoming the industry standard for determining charity write-offs.

Using the presumptive charity score, business offices can meet internal write-off requirements while providing a community service through forgiving account balances for patients in financial distress. The presumptive charity score also addresses a fundamental challenge with most hospital charity processes in that a patient must first understand the application process and then ask for assistance. Using the presumptive charity score, eligible accounts are considered for charity equally, regardless of the patient’s ability to complete an application for assistance.

With a statistical margin of error less than 5%, presumptive charity scoring has become a standard solution for healthcare organizations, especially considering the high cost and inefficient manual practices otherwise in place.

We are willing to pass the presumptive charity scores on to you at no charge. For those that are currently paying for a presumptive charity service, this would represent a significant savings for you.